About Our Service

A unique metal detecting service designed to reunite you with your valuables and heirlooms.

    Whether you've lost your ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, necklace, watch or other type of jewelry it can be found with the use of a metal detector. Whether its been lost in water, sand, yard or other type of dirt, I can retrieve it. 

    Through years of experience and complete knowledge of my metal detector, I can deliver prompt and personal service in order to reunite you with your lost item.  

    Being in Law Enforcement for almost 25 years as a Police Officer I offer the utmost confidentiality for you, your item and your location.

Locations Served

    Serving Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia and surrounding areas, Delaware and Maryland.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

I work on a reward basis. However, there may be a small call out fee to cover traveling expenses depending on location departing from and final destination. Once your item is located you are free to reward me with whatever you feel appropriate.